a little About me

My name is Aaron Nappin, I am a Cornish photographer and artist. I am extremely passionate about photography and Art, It brings me so much joy and immense pride when I capture those special fleeting moments that are filled with so many different emotions. Moments that evoke a beaming smile and make your heart dance, those are the moments that I search for, capture and share.


I have always been a highly creative person, be it painting, drawing, sculpting or photography I have always poured my heart and soul into all my creative pursuits. 


I studied photography and fine art at falmouth art college so stepping into wedding photography and producing beautiful, artistic, unique wedding photography comes naturally. considering all the creative disciplines I have learnt and explored and mastered gives me an impactful, creative unique style which will make any wedding album stand out beautifully.


Throughout the day I always aim to capture those fleeting moments, those tiny slices of time that really express the emotions in your heart. I do this in an unobtrusive and respectful way to ensure you can experience every smile,tear and laugh without interruption.
The majority of my work is produced in a candid way. Although there are times when posed shots will be the focus. I work quickly and confidently so any posed shots won't take away too much time from your celebrations.  

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